Ella Sparkle

A life-long love of reading coupled with a pandemic lockdown is what initially prompted Ella to finally take all the stories floating around her head and put them together on paper. Ella writes the kinds of romance stories she likes to read with sexy, funny, nice guys and strong, smart, sassy women . . . tossing in a healthy dose of awkwardness, a whole lot of drama, a sprinkle of comedy, a ride on the emotional roller coaster and a little bit of sparkle for everyone. As a firm believer in true love, Ella’s romance stories always result in a “happily ever after” . . . it’s just an adventure getting there! Ella is living out her own happily ever after with her Prince Charming. After seventeen years together he still gives her butterflies and makes her heart race. They live together with their children, small dogs, and a big black cat who has deemed herself queen of the castle.