Bound by Words

Words have the power to bind you or break you…

Kelly Stineman has always been the life of the party; a sarcastic popular girl who everyone loves to hate. When a co-worker torpedoes her life with allegations of harassment, she does the only thing she can think of…she runs.

While hiding out at her brother’s secluded property in Connecticut, she’s confronted by a face from the past who gave her one night she’d never forget.

Nathan’s double life catches up with him and he jumps on the opportunity to get out of Boston. Fleeing the uncomfortable situation an ex-flame has put him in, he takes a job remodeling his friends’ house in the remote Connecticut countryside.

When Nathan and Kelly are thrown together months after their steamy night at her brother’s wedding, things change for both of them in ways they never expected.

Will they return to their normal lives alone once things settle down or will they try to make things work despite the distance?

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GenreHot romance
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