Company Ink (Ink Series 1)

Cassie thought she had everything settled for life as a single girl in the city. A job in event management to fund her shoe obsession, a newly signed lease on a modern, chic Seattle apartment and a string of fun hook ups on the horizon.

Out of the blue, she loses her job, her shoe fund and her rent check in one fell swoop.

Desperate to find another job, she takes an assistant position at a prestigious law firm to keep the creditors at bay while she looks for her dream job. But then she meets her boss. Or is that bosses?

Adrian Cavallero is charming, smooth and confident. He and Cassie have an instant spark that is sure to ignite office gossip (amongst other things).

Blake Pearson is gorgeous and focused. Not one to stray from his restrained and measured lifestyle, Cassie’s spontaneity and no holds barred approach to life inspires him to loosen up (a little).

Cassie can’t deny the instant attraction she feels for Adrian, but Blake’s reserved nature intrigues her. Will she fan the flames with Adrian, or take it step by step with Blake?

Is it worth putting everything on the line for love and lust or are other things more important?

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AuthorE.L Lewis
GenreHot romance
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