Dirty Lyrics

Dirty mouth. Cold heart. Bleeding soul. Fire in his blood. Luc Johns is the reluctant broody lead singer in a chart-topping band. Following a bad break-up, Luc’s heart is as frozen as his soul. He despises the insubstantial lyrics of the band’s hit songs and feels like a sell-out.

Allegra Reid is a junior reporter, who by stroke of luck, is assigned to cover the band’s tour, but most importantly, to dig up dirt on the band’s handsome leading man. Her editor wants sexy and scandal, and Ali suddenly finds herself way out of her depth as she gets closer to Luc. More problematically, she realizes that she is fast falling for the guy she’s meant to be reporting on.

Dirty Lyrics is a story of love, passion, inspiration, and sacrifice. Because ultimately, either Ali or Luc will have to fall on their sword and risk absolutely everything in the name of love.

Additional information

AuthorTalita Lawrence
GenreHot romance
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