Foreplay on Words

Sex sells. Chase Rodgers has based her entire career as a romance novelist on that exact premise. SHe’s one of the best in the business at making a reader’s pulse race. This is precisely why she is called in to consult on a novel that can’tnquite manage to get it up.

Despite building his career on carefully crafted suspenseful thrillers, Evan Stineman has no clue how to harness his character’s sexuality in his upcoming novel. Increasingly desperate as his deadline looms, he has no other choice but to accept a helping hand from a pro.

When Chase and Evan meet, their chesmitry is immediate and undeniable. The two novelists embrace their mutual attraction to get Evan’s new book off to the publisher with a newfound sex appeal.

As Evan finally starts to open up to Chase, an unwelcome visitor returns from his past. Will this surprise appearance derail all their plans, or will he don his trusty black leather pants and manage to get the girl ?

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GenreHot romance
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