Permanent Ink (Ink Series 2)

It’s been a year since Cassie Carrington moved to New York to find herself, but now she’s back in Seattle and knows exactly what she wants: a job in fashion and devastatingly handsome Blake Pearson.

After a year of sending letters to each other, Cassie and Blake are ready to take the next step in their relationship and finally date in real life. But when Cassie gets offered her dream job at Cavloretta Couture, she once again has to work with Adrian Cavallero, the new CEO, which could make things very awkward given their turbulent past.

Can Blake and Cassie’s relationship withstand jealousy, disappointment, ghosts from the past, and heightened expectations? Or will Cassie discover that even permanent ink bleeds sometimes?

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AuthorE.L Lewis
GenreHot romance
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