The Blueberry Boys

She’s a stunning model at the pinnacle of her career and the fierce managing editor of a top lifestyle magazine. She has strong friends and family that support her drive and determination (and call her out on her mistakes). In everything she does, she gives her all. Except with Tristan Bishop.

When it comes to Tristan, Sabina has three rules:

1. No kissing.
2. No talking about it at work.
3. No feelings, no strings, no complications.

But Tristan, the gorgeous, strong, six-foot-one secretary slash bodyguard makes her want to break every single one of her rules and then some.

The crazy—no, the terrifying thing is—for him she might break them, again and again.

Can Sabina let Tristan in and stay true to herself, or is their connection too intense for the both of them?

Will Sabina’s thirst for Tristan be sated, even after she learns his hidden secrets?

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AuthorGianna Sibal
GenreHot romance
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