Full Disclosure

Aurora Winters is content with her simple, routine driven life. During the day, she works as a therapist, helping her patients through their inner demons. And afterward, she takes care of her ailing, elderly parents.

It never occurred to Aurora that there was more to life beyond the area she grew up. But one day, Mason Locke walks into her office and changes everything.

The stubborn, troubled, and incredibly handsome tour guide has Aurora stumped. His walls are up so high, she’s not sure if she’ll ever get through to him. The more she pushes, the further he pulls away.

Mason never planned to confide in Aurora about the tragedy that took away his dream job. But little by little, she gets under his skin.

The line between patient and therapist soon becomes blurry. It’s hard to deny their connection and the effect they have on one another, even despite their many differences. Soon, it’s not a matter of if they’ll be together, but when.

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AuthorElle Hayes
GenreNew adult
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