I Hate Nothing about You

By all appearances, Cassie Charles is a confident, bold, and sassy redhead with a wicked sense of humor and unshakable loyalty to her best friend Jenna. What few people see is that under that tough girl exterior, Cassie has spent lifetime building walls around her heart to protect it. When it comes to dating Cassie stands by her ‘two-date rule’ and the idea if you only go out with someone twice there is no chance of developing feelings. After letting her walls down in college and breaking her two-date rule, Cassie’s life spirals out of control and Cassie vows never to fall in love again . . . which makes things incredibly difficult when she meets Mike Reynolds.

Five years ago, Mike Reynolds put his life on hold to come home and help his mother raise his four sisters. Everything in his life revolved around his family and his job at Pete’s Pizza until the day that Cassie Charles walked into the restaurant looking for her best friend. Mike and Cassie may be complete opposites, but for Mike, it was love at first sight. Will Mike be able to break through the walls that Cassie has built around her heart? When part of Cassie’s past unexpectedly comes into the present, will Mike and Cassie be strong enough to weather the storm together?