Mark my Words

Finding the words is easy with the right person… Vivid Publishing copy editing intern Christine Willard has grown up knowing that in order to succeed in her world that she has to fight to stay on top.

Her no-nonsense attitude doesn’t leave a lot of room for men in her life. Typically, she’s okay with that, but when another editor’s intern starts to break down her defenses, she fights her building attraction while keeping him at arm’s length.

Sam Langley finds himself intrigued by his temperamental co-worker, having grown up in a household of strong females.  He enjoys pushing her buttons to see how she’ll react. The only problem is, he doesn’t account for the fact that if you play with fire, you’re likely to get burned.


Can Sam break through that bristly exterior or will she push him away like everyone else when her career is at stake?

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GenreHot romance
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