Saying Yes

Jenna had her life planned out.

She was going to get married to her college boyfriend, land a job at a prestigious law firm and, after attending law school, would work her way up to partner. She’d have it all; the man, the job, the white picket fence.

After things just not working out as planned, Jenna must say goodbye to her old plans and her dreams of a picture perfect future with that guy and that job, living that life.

Instead, she decides to rethink her strategy, instead of planning everything to perfection, Jenna takes a risk and starts ‘Saying Yes’ to new opportunities.

Saying Yes to a new job.

Saying Yes to flirting with the hunky Nick.

Saying Yes to a summer fling before starting law school.

Jenna and Nick might just have something magical, they’re crazy about each other from the moment they meet – are they crazy enough to make it work?

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AuthorElla Sparkle
GenreNew adult
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