Staying Selfless

From the outside looking in, everything was perfect.

I had friends. I was in love. School was going great.

I managed to hide the pain, to push it down, but it all came flooding back.

The grief was almost blinding, but I saw Eli’s broken heart with perfect clarity the day I drove away from him.

This was my year to be selfish. Falling in love with my best friend’s brother wasn’t part of my plan, but sometimes the best things in life are unpredictable.

And the end of Eli’s senior year was anything but expected.

My priorities completely flipped when my brother’s best friend moved to town. Everything I never knew I needed came in the form of a redhead from California with a heart too big for her own good.

But Logan drove away from me, leaving me broken-hearted and alone.

With my senior season winding down, it’s my last chance to get called up to the NHL, and my dreams are within reach—it’s everything I always wanted. But that was before I met her. How much do I need to sacrifice to prove to her that she’s my dream too?

If she asked me to, I’d selflessly give it all up for her.

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AuthorLiz Tomforde
GenreNew adult
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