Faux Real

Kennedy Carmichael never kisses strangers, let alone arrogant foreign exchange students from the UK but when her ex-boyfriend shows up to Hilton Prep Academy on the first day of senior year, hand in hand with a gorgeous blonde, Kenny does the unthinkable.

Oliver Knight is in exile, living with his overbearing Aunt Bessie. After being kicked out of almost every private school in London, his parents ship him off to the US, hoping that Hilton Prep, with their strict schedules and world-renowned faculty, will whip Ollie into shape.

After several turbulent encounters, Kenny and Oliver find themselves thrust into a mutually beneficial, yet mildly complicated friendship. They’ll pretend to date to show Sawyer what he’s missing, while at the same time demonstrating to Ollie’s aunt that he can stay out of trouble.
What starts off as a harmless charade soon spirals into something deeper, darker, and…real?

With endless antics, bitchy mean girls, familial pressures, and spilled secrets, senior year just got a little more interesting.
Will Kennedy and Oliver be able to overcome all the obstacles in their way or will their relationship remain a total faux?

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AuthorE.L Lewis
GenreYoung adult
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