His First July

A to-do list…31 days…31 items…and well, high school.

Colby Willis has spent his entire life commuting between his home and the hospital, up until his parents decide to add another stop to his route: high school. A homeschooled kid, Colby is absolutely convinced he’s seen it all, even though his adolescent experiences are one hundred percent based on teen movies.

But then Daniella Varis enters the picture.

A bubbly, carefree girl who strikes a deal with him, which involves him helping her with her school speech, and she helping him to cross off all the items on a to-do list that he made when he was 13.

With limited time remaining, Colby can only hope he succeeds—more like—hope the list doesn’t drive him completely under before July is up.

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AuthorRebecca Johnpee
GenreYoung adult
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