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‘To be attracted to each other, to play at flirting… Those were just grown-up’s games. But to get attached to each other… Oh! Getting attached, it was so dangerous.’

Lyana O’Connor had everything to be happy. A job in a big London magazine. A sexy boyfriend. A best friend always ready to party. But the night of Valentine’s Day, her life changes and what she took for granted escapes her …
Then begins a painful reconstruction, between pursuit of the past and search for new sensations. The arrival of Pete, a handsome dark-haired man, does not help the young woman’s business. Whenever he touches her, all her senses come into awakening. His flesh calls her flesh, and this in spite of the heartache that still gnaws at her.

Between a past love and the promise of a new story, the choice is difficult. Not to mention a shocking discovery that challenges all the certainties of Lyana.

– A hot and addictive romance that will keep you hooked till the very last word! –

Sophia has everything to please. Talented designer, devoted friend, pretty … But she also tends to generate disasters.
The day she jostles a beautiful waiter at the wedding of her best friend, Alicia, causing his dismissal, both of their lives change.

David is acrimonious, boorish and embittered, but incredibly beautiful. Sophia is ready to do anything to be forgiven for her clumsiness, even waiting for him at Pastis’, the restaurant where he works every day.

Her determination will put her on the path of wonderful people: Mr Etienne, Florence, Olivia and… Joe, a nice waiter as discreet as he is attentive, which tends to be pretty attractive.

But the road to the beautiful love story she dreams about is far more bumpy than she would have thought…

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After being foiled again, thirty six year old Emma is just about ready to give up on love…

Maybe she’s just not made to live with someone? Maybe she’s destined to remain single, with her dreams of becoming a writer and her old demented cat, who has the strange habit of vanishing into thin air…

Thankfully, Emma has a lot of friends, and she also has her beloved bookshop, where she can get lost in her books… Can her friends help her find the one, or will he find his own way into her life?