Why entrust us with your manuscript?


Cherry Publishing: A Unique Publishing House

Founded in March 2019, Cherry Publishing has quickly established itself as a leader in digital publishing. Thanks to our atypical team, composed of web specialists, an author-editor and dynamic graphic designers, we imagine innovative strategies that allow us to place all our novels in the top 10 of Amazon sales at least once. Our profiles also bring us closer to the authors, whose questions and doubts we understand, allowing us to anticipate their needs.

More than just a sales boost, Cherry Publishing’s strength lies in its relationship with people. The publisher-author.es relationship is at the heart of our work and the panel of already published authors forms a real “Cherry Family“. The first publishers have in fact founded a Facebook group where they can exchange with readers and bloggers.

Today, we are proud to see our novels carried by a network of European bloggers and our authors defending their novels at various trade fairs. Finally, if romance is the original essence of the house, we are happy to develop new collections, such as the Young Adult and Supernatural, as well as writing advices books.

We actively seek inclusive/own voice romances.

We accept ...

(We accept Dark Soft Romance submissions, but we remain very cautious about this genre. Manuscripts will be reviewed on a case by case basis)

  • Young Adult
  • Supernatural romance
  • Self development 
  • Files in .pdf, .doc ou .docx WITH FULL PAGE SYNOPSIS (including endings)
    Language French / Italian / English / Spanish / German (for YOUR LANGUAGE submissions, please, write directly to: vanessa[a]greentomatomedia.com and replace [a] by @.)

Manuscripts containing unwarranted violence, racism, sexism or defamation are not studied. Toxic relationships are also excluded. We wish to promote inclusive literature with modern values.

Please accompany your submissions with a SYNOPSIS OF ONE MAXIMUM PAGE (about the novel – as far as you are concerned, we will have plenty of time to get to know each other if we work together). If you have any problems sending your manuscript, you can send it directly to cherrypublishingco[@]gmail.com (remove the brackets around the at base when sending).

Would you like to send us your manuscript?

cherry publishing

Due to a large number of submissions, our response times are variable and can take several months. Please do not send us a reminder, as this will lengthen the processing of files already in progress. We do our best to provide an answer to each author. Sending a clear and complete synopsis (including all the twists and turns) greatly improves our response time. We are a small team and take the time to study each manuscript, out of respect for your motivation and your work. Thank you for your understanding.