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NEW ADULT ROMANCE - It's hard to keep a cool head when the hottest guy at university is making you melt, and you've got to work with him too...

Ava, the shy redhead, hates confronting others. The sewing club and video games are her only refuges.

Freshly elected president of her club, she is summoned by the coach of the university's famous hockey team. They urgently need their damaged jerseys repaired. In return, he promises her grants, and recognition for her club, who seems forgotten on campus. A tempting deal! Especially when her partner is the team's hot captain, River Ashton...

If Ava accepts this opportunity, it's for the club, let's face it! Not because she has a huge crush on this jock! Anyway, what can we expect from this unexpected collaboration? She's invisible on campus, while he's glittering with glory at every match!
But underneath his playboy exterior, River may not be who he seems. What if behind the mask of the popular hockey player lies someone very different?

Say it Again Ella Sparkle Cherry Publishing new adult romance

New Adult Romance (Sports Romance)

New release

Caleb Whyler, star ice hockey player of the Portland Devils, has his eyes set on the playoffs. But when Emma, the attractive new team masseuse, steps into the locker room, she brings more than just her skills—she brings temptation.
When his teammates wager over who can charm her first, Caleb finds himself unexpectedly drawn into the fray, not to compete but to protect. As tensions rise both on and off the field, Caleb discovers that Emma might just be worth more than any championship.
As sparks fly and stakes rise, Caleb must decide if he's willing to risk everything for a chance at love.
Will he score the ultimate goal, or will he lose both the game and his heart?

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