My Boss, his crazy family, my lousy Christmas and me

Siana is a hard-working young woman who loves her job above all else, even more so after a long period of unemployment. So, when Knox, her authoritarian but sexy new boss, forces her to spend Christmas with his family to make up for a mistake she’s made, she can’t refuse.
It’s a godsend for Knox, who won’t have to put up with his crazy family alone! But he hadn’t expected the young woman to have such an effect on him. Yet Knox never breaks his rule: never date one of his employees! How can he resist the object of his desires, locked up with her for several days in the family home?
He is ice, she is fire. Knox hates the holidays; Siana swears by them. And yet he’ll have to deal with those damn glittery Christmas decorations she puts up all around her. After all, didn’t he ask for it?
It’s going to be a fiery Christmas!