Starstruck in Australia

Tom is tired of the fake world of Hollywood and its bright lights. He has had enough of being used for his fame and feels as though he has lost himself.

When his manager tries to make him cut his vacation short, Tom reaches his breaking point. To regain control of his life, he decides to go against his manager’s orders, and leave his screen name, Tom Sutherland, behind to go incognito, using his real identity, Dean Davis. He chooses to take the next flight away from his routine, and ends up, by chance, at Delilah’s animal sanctuary in Maleny, Australia.

There, Delilah will make him discover what it truly means to be ‘free’ and be one with nature, away from Hollywood’s spotlights. But, when Hollywood’s toxicity and rumors about Tom Sutherland’s disappearance reaches Maleny, Delilah and Dean’s blossoming story is put at risk.

Will they go the distance, or will Dean choose fame over love?

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AuthorLola Blue
GenreNew adult
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