Bad Decisions

She’s his student. He’s her teacher. Their relationship is forbidden, but sometimes it’s impossible to resist… Let yourself be swept away by this scorching romance that will consume you to the very last page!


For 19-year-old Hope, it’s back to high school after summer vacation. Her dream is to break into the music business, like her late father, and she’s determined to make it happen.


As for Hayden, his musical career is turned upside down when he sees his girlfriend in the arms of another man. It’s time for him to change his life, and he joins his old school as a substitute music teacher.


Their first meeting is explosive. Yet, despite their initial hostility, an irresistible chemistry develops between them and fate seems determined to bring them together. Because, yes, Hayden is Hope’s future stepbrother…

How can they fight this all-consuming attraction when they live under the same roof and are supposed to become a family?

They’ll hate each other, they’ll provoke each other, and above all, they’ll venture into dangerous territory. Very dangerous.

Additional information

AuthorMillie Brooks
GenreNew adult
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