A Date with My Boss

When you realize that your date from the night before is none other than your new boss: what’s the best strategy to adopt? Elena and Matthew are in for a surprise!


For Elena, it’s off to San Francisco! Her best friend has found her a dream job in a big bookstore. And while she’s at it, she’s even signed her up on a dating app…


Reluctant to go on her first date, Elena finally gets the hang of it and meets a particularly attractive man. The deal is simple: it’s a one-night stand, nothing more! Except… the handsome stranger is none other than her new boss! That’s problematic!


Matthew is horrified to discover that Elena is his new employee. Especially as his ex is the boss of the bookstore… If she knows he’s had an affair with an employee, she’s going to give him a hard time. Too bad, he’s going to turn into an authoritarian boss. His objective? Get her out of here, and fast!


But to do that, he’ll have to put aside the irresistible attraction between them, and that’s turning out to be more complicated than expected…

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AuthorLola Blue
GenreNew adult
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