A Taste of Spice

What do you do when your future is in the hands of someone you hate?   Dawn is a dynamic young woman. As a single mother and sous-chef in a trendy New Orleans restaurant, she has to push herself every day to keep up. Especially as the chef she works with turns out to be the father of her daughter and is threatening to take sole custody of her. She’s got to stay on her toes! So, when Dawn gets caught up in her own problems, she collides with another motorist’s car. Furious, the bubbly brunette argues with the driver, who is certainly attractive, but particularly unpleasant! She didn’t recognize Gabriel Tessier, a well-known blogger and food critic. After this explosive first meeting, the two of them have only one wish: never to see each other again! But fate decides otherwise…

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AuthorDaisy Jane Baker
GenreNew adult
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