Perfect Playboy

A playboy, fake dating and a secret, what could go wrong? At first glance, the celebrated football star Darren and the inconspicuous Millie do not fit together in any way. They are complete opposites; she is shy and studious while he has a reputation as the college playboy. However, for his sister’s wedding, Darren is forced to bring a plus one in order to appease his mother. Since Millie is the perfect fake girlfriend in his eyes – and one of the few he hasn’t slept with – he decides to invite her. On their trip to Darren’s family ranch in Texas, the two get to know each other better and quickly realize they have more in common than their love of football. But behind the seemingly calm facade, Millie is hiding a secret that could jeopardize more than just her connection to Darren …

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AuthorMrs Kristal
GenreNew adult, Sports romance
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