Iron Moon

By a twist of fate, Heaven, the most powerful Alpha wolf on Earth, meets Yulia, a mysterious Alpha she-wolf living in the desert. Heaven has no doubt that she is his soul mate.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to work in his favor. The she-wolf lives thousands of miles away from his pack, and she refuses to be seduced. The ghosts of her past still haunt her, and she must heal before opening her heart.

However, the wolf has no intention of giving up; he will do anything to win her over. But when he seems to get close to her, the members of his pack, the Iron Moon, beg him to return to his homeland. It seems that a terrible tragedy has happened and his wolves are about to revolt.


Will Heaven be able to destroy the threat to the Iron Moon? Will Yulia and Heaven’s paths meet again despite the distance?

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AuthorLil Evans
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