THE LAST MUSE (1st volume)

Volume 1 : Rip

To escape her painful past, Kataline leaves the United-States and goes into exile in France, at Jess’ house, an aunt she barely knows. Talented artist, she helps her out in her tattoo parlor, where she draws sketches for her clients in between two lessons at Uni. Far from her demons, the young woman gradually gets back to a normal life.

Or at least that’s what she thought, until she meets Maxime and plunges into his universe. A dark and dangerous universe, where Rip, band leader of The Cursed and ruthless street-fighter, seems to rule as absolute master. Rapidly, demons far more ferocious than those from her past will come to haunt Kat and the threat that hovers over her could very well cost her her life.

Will Rip be able to save her? Or will he sign her destruction once and for all?