Love Never Chose Me

Emily Sky is a brilliant young writer with a string of bestsellers under her belt. Her go-to genre? Horror. But after her latest success, her agent requests that her next book be on a topic that is way out of her comfort zone – romance.

Emily is stumped. How on earth is she supposed to write a romance novel when she has sworn off love and men for all eternity? As she ponders the theme of love in her life, she takes a trip down memory lane and reflects on her three heartbreaks of boyfriends past.

Little does she know, that past is about to come back to haunt her.

Will Emily stray from in front of her laptop to find her happily ever after and learn to love and be loved in return? And perhaps most importantly, will she learn to value and love herself first and foremost, above all else?

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AuthorRosanna M.I.
GenreNew adult
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