Perfect Baby Daddy

When Phoenix starts her work & travel in England, she is full of confidence and determination. She can finally leave Jake, her brother’s best friend, with whom she had sex, many times, behind her brother’s back. But nothing goes to plan. Turns out she is expecting a baby – from Jake of all people.
Out of fear, Phoenix hides her pregnancy until she stands in front of her brother Denver and her former lover Jake. All of a sudden, the two of them are not only confronted with their past, but also have to face a future that holds completely new challenges.
And then there’s Denver, who knows nothing about their relationship and rigorously follows one rule: His sisters are off-limits to his friends …
Will they be able to live up to this wonderful bundle of joy?
Each novel in the ‘Perfect’ series by Mrs Kristal are stand-alone, so they can each be read independently. Happy endings guaranteed, Enjoy!

Additional information

AuthorMrs Kristal
GenreNew adult, Sports romance
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